Saturday, April 4, 2020

Idukki : Worth beyond the Gold

This thread is more of collection of pics of 2 back to back rides to Idukki and surroundings in about 2 weeks or so. This was mainly to compensate for the annual KL ride during monsoons.

P.S: Pardon the image quality. there was some issue with compressing them

Places Covered:Chadurangappara - Ramakkalmedu - Meenuliyanpara - Makkuvally - Palkulammedu - Kattadikadavu - Mathikettan - Mullanthundu - Satram - Vattavada - Anakulam - Valparai and few more (in no particular order)

Too Lazy to pen it down, will share the Pics for now. for any feedback please do revert.

Trails around Chadurangapara

Border Checkpost

The plains are on the TN side


Wind Mills, 

A short hike takes you to the top 

Around Vandiperiyar and Satram

The Kombai (Native dog breed of the region, bred mostly to guard the estates)

Dry Periyar
One of the main intentions of this ride was to do the makkuvally trail, which had been on the bucket list for few years. Coincidentally a fellow Xbhpian who had done this trail earlier decided to join in, along with his friend Robin. The duo just owned the trails, which made me look a complete noob.

The makkuvally magic begins

Samor and Robin suggested that we do Palkulammedu as well 

One of my personal favorites



The Trio

The ladies who were waiting for us further ahead

Trying to figure out how to get to the other side 

The usual confusion while taking trails, This way ??? or that way ???? and to our surprise we ended up on the same trail that we had taken earlier during the day 

From Makkuvally I decided to head to Vattavada for the forest Trek. the permission and the tickets for the trek are available at the forest check post, after Top station. Need to pay a fee of Rs.250/- per person. The trek is of 2 levels, East and tough. The easy one, will follow the old Munnar Kodai Road and then diverts towards the forest guest houses. The second one goes through the lush forests and needless to say there are tons of blood-sucking leeches. But everything put aside the trek is worth every penny.

View from the forest guest house

After finishing the trek, headed towards Kanthaloor and eventually to Marayoor. It had been ages since I had taken this route, but luck didn't favor this time. The forest check-post at Anamudi shola entrance is completely closed for the public now. Only the tribals/locals are given permission to access this route.

From Munnar headed towards Pollachi where a fellow Xbhpain Arun was supposed to join me for a short spin to Valparai and some trails around the Sholayar

Reached Coimbatore for the night for my sister's place and after about 3 days got back to Bangalore for the new years celebration